Springfield - EP

by chris mathieu

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these are the first seven songs i ever recorded. I wrote them years before. just me and my guitar. 2007 - Springfield, VA.



released August 9, 2007



all rights reserved


Chris Mathieu Los Angeles, California

Chris Mathieu is a singer/songwriter originally from Virginia, residing in Los Angeles. Folk rock with a bit of an Irish inflection might describe his music. Think Glen Hansard, Damien Rice, Cat Stevens. Give him a listen.

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Track Name: Row
seven o’clock in the morning it’s dark and your eyes are awake but your body is not and you’ve seconds to spare but a lifetime to wait so you row, row, row, row

torn between living a life down the line or a life that is sweet to this day you can’t find but you fear what you know cause it’s all in your mind so you row, row, row, row

today is slow
tomorrow it’ll all go away
so lay it all on me

fall back in time or you’ll stray off the path which will lead you to nothing and nothing is black. there’s a wave up ahead and it’s waiting to crash so you row, row, row, row

weathered and tempered and locked in a state that is true to your head and a loss to your fate, but your soul will permit nothing less than what’s great so you row, row, row, row

today is slow
tomorrow it’ll all go away
so lay it all on me

i was so engulfed in the water let in
through the hull that I panicked and talked him
into accepting it all
going under seems easy
cause you think that you’ve lost everything
in a storm fraught with silence
where no one can hear your screaming
then the storm blinks for a second
and shines on a distant shore
offering some hope love unlike the ocean floor
gather up the courage and prepare to begin
there’s a joy in realizing that
you’ve salvaged what’s most important

so you swim
Track Name: Guild
send me off with a reason to smile on
hit me up if you come home and wanna say hello
care to talk when the night gets silent
not a need for a reason, no

set me up with a memory to fall on
see that I’ve become more than I’ve lost
if it holds then I’ll feel no cold front
oh and everyone dances like it’ll end tomorrow

it’s a wonder how all of them gather ‘round quickly in a moment when saving comes best from the inside if i’d ever fallen i’m sure i’d be fine but right now it seems better to let ‘em all run around wild

following everyone’s simple directions attention a little less focused on detail, i’ve jumped back to retreat cause it’s calming and drawing me closer to moments and people from which i’ve drawn portraits of sweet times and eyes not forgotten and minds not alike but committed to thought and not knowing we’re leaving but owning the cost of a necessary evil, such a fortunate loss
Track Name: Lost
make up my mind
tell her so
i walked away without saying goodbye

release me of my load and I’ll be forever grateful
i’ll find you again and not take the same wrong step
but all was lost when I found out

close your eyes
i’ll close mine
'til I awake, I'll wait for you in my mind
Track Name: Laugh
i don’t know where i am going
or for that matter, where i’ve been
oh i hope i find out soon enough
cause sometimes i feel like giving in

someday i hope to find a little comfort
in a beautiful woman’s touch
but if i die a lonely old man
it’s because my heart wouldn’t open up

it hurts to cry so i’m not going to
and it hurts to hold it in so what’s the use
before i die a regretful old man
oh i hope that regret and i can call it a truce

in between now and then is action
a hope that i haven’t lost
and when that day finally arrives
oh i hope you’ll be there to see me off

there are many things that make me laugh
and many things that don’t
the world needs more of the former
so people like me can continue to hope
Track Name: Look
is there not enough comfort in your soul
is there not a feeling, a feeling like you own it all
is there not a smile, a smile that you see
a glimpse of your reflection, reflecting needs and wants

look at yourself now

got a lot of things to ponder on
but for now i'll do my thinking and move along it calls
hey what you doing, doing over there
hiding from the daylight you're so damn scared it'll fall

look at yourself now

see i told you so, i told you it'd be gone
i'd make my way here no matter what it took
now i need a little time to decide who i'm gonna let roll cut direct cause if it goes you better know that i might not get it back
go on and get lost in what you're watching
fill it up with whats ahead
before you leave here i got something to say
i bet a lot of money on me so don't you fuck this up
god knows i'm cutting it close cause i ain't got no other way

guess you're ok, ok with me
but i'm intrigued by your inefficiencies, you know
maybe you can help me i'm looking for the tap
where all the others drink from i'll take a sip of that if it's cold

look at yourself now
Track Name: Sand
there’s a secret note that I have found above me
a place to go and watch it all play out
i’ll never leave unless i feel i’m ready
to take on unsettled eyes

and it leaves me sad and feeling tired it won’t leave me alone
and it leaves you scared and worry eyed it won’t leave you alone

i will fill it wall to wall with cushions and blankets
make a fort for me to hide then destroy it
never know silence is what it’s come to
spilling over on to all who care

and it leaves me sad and feeling tired it won’t leave me alone
and it leaves you scared and worry eyed it won’t leave you alone

single distraction keeping me here
awarded time to myself thank you
please tell the warden I’ve forgotten
how long my sentence was for
a cold and cloudy ocean sky is
a mirror image of my existence
only water higher than my head
sleep until I’m wide awake
Track Name: Shine
and you said you’re satisfied
it’s a dream that’s fallen empty
golden tears the saddest eyes
this ain’t for free

this is how you set aside the sun
it allows you more of everyone
little value in what you expect
keep in mind you’ll find your heaven yet

roll the dice and fall in line to talk
make your own and tie it off in knots
this is home and you’re welcome inside
just as they’re calling we’ll all be stealing time

someday you’ll be flying high atop
a distilled scene with no one to watch
and you’ll wonder if you ate your share
for the mean time just unwind define deserve

pick a hand and single out the liars
make a move and forced to lie expired
choose to lead and finish all complete
not to know never go when i’m leaving me

set your tears aside
leave it all behind
once in power you’ll love by your own design
run along and play
failure’s on its way
no one will notice the distance you’ve gained today
evenly seasoned
at odds with your reasons
for fortune and fame and a comforting Jesus
a pool of excitement
your source for enlightenment
sing for the rest of your days